“Wren” is a story in four parts.

What am I getting into?

A spoiler free summary of the story 400 (and 30) years in the making!

Issue#1. The Plague

1666. Plague is rife, London is cut off and its people are starving. And like every other pandemic before it, there is little understanding of its cause, or how to stop it.

But for the first time in history, there is a new weapon... the newly formed Royal Society with its modern scientific principles are able to experiement, understand and finally offer hope!

But in 17th Century England, the poor are pawns, the military sees only force, science can be ignored and deals and compromises must be made. But if even the truest can be corrupted – everything is at risk and nothing is as it seems!

We know London burns, but who is in control and what is at stake? Walk with us and discover the TRUTH behind the history of the City and the Society that changed the world!

Issue#2. The Plan

1666: London is all but lost! Plague is rife and all attempts to contain the spread have failed. When the Government proposes a drastic final solution the Royal Society's loyalty is pushed to breaking point and Christopher Wren leads a desperate mission to get word to the King. But when disaster strikes, 'the plan' falls away to reveal the darkest secret of all!

Issue#3 bookplate.

Issue#3. Fire Stories

In this, the penultimate issue, Wren’s cynical plan is finally unveiled in its full horror. Captured and imprisoned for his crimes, Wren arrogantly campaigns to walk free – until King Charles himself unwittingly finds himself at the epicentre of the raging blaze.

Issue#4. Aftermath

An unlikely rescuer comes to the Kings aid; Wren avoids the gallows, but will the King have the last word on his fate and his legacy - or is there a far longer game being played?

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Wren is phenomenal at demonstrating how the rich and their corruption of the government dictate what happens in the world.

  • Committee: “We have figured out how to stop the spread of this disease with science.”

  • The Rich: “I don’t like your solution. You can’t trust science. It conflicts with what I want to do.”

I don’t know whether to find it comforting or extremely disconcerting that not much has changed in almost 400 years.

(Quentin Rushing; The Indie Comix Dispatch)

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