The Story Behind The Story

Why “Wren” and Why “Now”?

The idea (and in fact the first 4 pages of what is now Issue#1) of the Wren series was actually written over 30 years ago. But life, as it often does, got in the way of my literary / artistic aspirations and I retreated to the relative safety of a long and happy career in IT. But in those little snippets of time that appeared during lockdown (and with the kids now all growed up) I took up the pen once again to see if the story (and my eyesight) was still up to the task of completing a full 24 page book.

Initially I had no plan to publish the story, but the comments from family, friends (and a growing collaborative community of independent comic creators) I decided to launch Wren serially on the Kickstarter platform.

Each book and campaign has been great fun to work on and incrementally successful. The fans and supporters of Wren make all the effort worthwhile - and with the fourth and final instalment scheduled for May2022 the plan is to release the final issue, alongside a collected graphic novel version.

And after that? New projects beckon.

Meet the Team.

Wren is very much a collaborative effort. One of the most exciting things about a project like this, is the ability to incorporate new ideas around a central thread of story and art. The collaborators have been incredible.

More Collaborators

Pottyville Books?

My kids are to blame. At kindergarten they sang a song which began “theres a party on the hill, would you like to come, bring your own ice-cream and your own cream bun”. MY kids brought home the song as … “There’s a POTTY on the hill” … from that day, collectively they were “The Potties” and after two houses named ‘Pottyville’ they are finally still with me in the naming of my publishing brand “Pottyville Books”. Kids eh!


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