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What is “Wren”

Wit, Wild-Fire and Wigs!

35 years in the making, “Wren” is the creation of Writer, Artist Peter Taylor, who along with a team of uber talented guest collaborators (colourists, letterers, editors and artists) from around the indie comics universe, have turned the story of London’s struggle with the Plague and The Great Fire and it’s aftermath on its head. In one of the greatest comic book alternate histories ever written, “Wren” simply asks …. “What if London’s Great Fire was No Accident”?

What the world is saying about “Wren”

“Wren is a dark and moody comic about one of the worst periods in London’s history. Smart dialogue, sinister art, political intrigue, and the ever-present threat of disease and decay make for a brooding comic thats worth checking out”

David Taylor, artist/writer, Wild Nature, HER! and The Grave.

How to read “Wren”.

“Wren” is a story in four parts, with each part being released via crowdfunding side Kickstarter. Each episode is fully written, drawn, painted and lettered prior to each Kickstarter campaign, ensuring that pledges are met quickly with a high quality product. By releasing via Kickstarter, we are also able to provide different pledge tiers, plus option extra’s that we could never offer via comic stores* or mainstream publication channels. To date, each campaign has included rewards like: Alternate covers; special (kickstarter exclusive) bookplates, signed mini-prints and the opportunity yo pledge for one off rewards including cameo’s in the book and original artwork.

Two months after all KS pledges have been met, the books are also made available to order online, in digital OR print editions, head over to our store for issues 1-3.

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Peter Taylor’s bi-weekly newsletter (free for all subscribers) will keep you up to date with progress shots from the latest issue, plus exclusive behinds the scenes info on the latest campaigns and new projects. The absolute best way to stay up to date with everything happening in the Wren universe.

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